Wild Atlantic Wedding Celebrant

Hello there and Welcome to One Beautiful Ceremony. My name is Úna O’ Malley, I am from the west coast of Ireland, on the Wild Atlantic Way.  In 2014 I married, having a Civil Ceremony, this particularly appealed to me as it offered us much more freedom for a more personal experience. From our own happy event, it inspired me to become an Independent Wedding Celebrant

I offer this service to help create your bespoke, memorable wedding ceremony, which will be unique to you, reflecting who your are and your beliefs. The ceremony can incorporate many inspirational elements and traditions from your life, and background, it is completely your decision. I’m happy to include whatever spiritual, religious or secular beliefs you hold, and will perform your ceremony to your style and taste. The promise you make to each other this day is witnessed by your family and closest friends. This moment of your life is defined by the words you chose and the vows you make.

Whatever influences you incorporate, we will work together to perfect your ceremony, ensuring your overwhelming happiness shines through. The music you arrange, the poems you recite, the little touches, all contribute to a heartfelt and most happy day.
No doubt a few tears will be shed, including me! I love weddings 🙂

Together, we will help you both to create and compose the words for your ceremony; from traditional to modern, religious to non-denominational or secular, formal to relaxed. The choice is TOTALLY yours.
I Cant wait to meet you,

Your Wedding Ceremony

The usual order of a Wedding Ceremony

  • Entrance – processional
  • Introduction by Celebrant
  • Blessing/Reading – optional
  • Music –  optional
  • Intention – optional
  • Vows
  • Music – optional
  • Ring ceremony
  • Blessing/Reading – optional
  • Declaration
  • Presentation of the couple
  • Recessional

can also include these enhancements if you wish:

  • Candle ceremony
    At the beginning of ceremony the couple can light two taper (slender) candles symbolising their individuality and following the Vows and the exchange of
    rings the Unity candle is lit as a symbol of their two lives becoming one in commitment.
  • Hand Fasting ceremony
    This is a most beautiful ceremony celebrated with stunning coloured ribbons
    over the couples hands. Pre-Christian, it symbolises your commitment to each
    other and your intent to enjoy a permanent relationship. This ceremony is
    the source of the expression
    “tying the knot”
  •  Ring warming ceremony
    Incorporating a ring warming into your wedding is such a special way to
    involve all of your guests in your ceremony. A ring warming is when
    you give your loved ones the opportunity to hold and imbue your
    wedding bands with a wish, blessing or prayer for your marriage.
    By the time your rings make it on to your fingers they will be saturated
    the love of your friends and family.
  • Coin Exchange
    Is something couples can do which symbolise’s “all I have is yours” to
    exchange a coin demonstrates, “whats mine is yours”
  • Sand Ceremony
    The “Blending of the Sands” ceremony involves the pouring of two
    different coloured sands together into a single vessel to symbolise the
    bride and groom, the couple’s hearts and lives together and the joining of t
    heir families. The combined sand makes a wonderful wedding keepsake
    for the happy couple
  • The loving cup ceremony
    Dating back to the 15th century, in Celtic tradition the Bride and Groom
    always toasted each other with a ceremonial Loving Cup. The purpose
    of the Loving Cup Ceremony is for the bride and groom to share their
    first drink together as husband and wife and the coming together of their
    two families.  We can also Toast good health with an Irish drink
    called: MEAD.  Made from Honey, where the use of the word honeymoon originated….
  • The Rose Ceremony
    This ceremony is symbolising the giving and receiving of the couples
    love for each other throughout their entire married life.  As this is also the
    first gift to each other as a married couple, it can be a wonderful and happy experience.


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What you need to Know

If you want to  Elope to Ireland, or having a Destination Wedding,
and you have already said your “I do’s” legally at home , and
would like to celebrate in style here, in Ireland,  there are
NO legal restrictions to having an Independent Celebrant
(like me) officiate at your special day.

What to do If you are and Irish Citizen? 

  • you will register with your local  HSE office at least 3 months
    in advance,  to give notice of your  “intention to marry”.
  • The registration fee is €200
  • This is a one-off fee , which also covers the cost of the 2nd visit
    to the HSE registrar to sign your “Marriage Registration Form”
    (legalising your marriage)
  • you can sign these forms and be legally married in 6 minutes
    – the length of the normal HSE Service.
  • or if you prefer……..  you can sign the forms in your local HSE office and
    continue with a more personalized wedding, completely
    organised by yourself, according to your preference, values, belief’s ……..


    • The HSE Registrar does not offer Saturday or Sunday ceremonies,
      only Monday to Friday. 
    • “off-site” option may be  restricted by both appointment time and
      location regulations,
    • Booking with an Independent Wedding Celebrant, there are literally
      No Restrictions  for dates, times or locations.
  • You are completely FREE to decide for yourself.

For More Info: General Register Office, (01) 635 40 00
Ireland’s Health Service Executive – Official Information

or: Citizens Information – for  further information

I am based in Co Galway, and am very happy to offer this service in:
Co Clare, Co Mayo, Co Limerick, prioritising the West Coast of Ireland.

I am also however, very happy to travel further if required.

just remember, I’m here to help with your questions,
drop me a quick note  and I will get back to you asap.

Baby Naming Ceremonies

From:  The Newborn, By C. Day Lewis

Welcome to earth, my child!
We time-worn folk
renew ourselves at your enchanted spring,
As though mankind’s begun
Again in you.

What a special moment in life.  Bestowing baby with his/her given name,
introducing baby to your family and friends for the first time
in a ceremony which all can contribute and celebrate.
This occasion will be filled with joy, love and good wishes for baby’s future.

I am available on request to discuss arrangements.

call me: 086 8183280