What you need to Know

If you want to  Elope to Ireland, or having a Destination Wedding,
and you have already said your “I do’s” legally at home , and
would like to celebrate in style here, in Ireland,  there are
NO legal restrictions to having an Independent Celebrant
(like me) officiate at your special day.

What to do If you are and Irish Citizen? 

  • you will register with your local  HSE office at least 3 months
    in advance,  to give notice of your  “intention to marry”.
  • The registration fee is €200
  • This is a one-off fee , which also covers the cost of the 2nd visit
    to the HSE registrar to sign your “Marriage Registration Form”
    (legalising your marriage)
  • you can sign these forms and be legally married in 6 minutes
    – the length of the normal HSE Service.
  • or if you prefer……..  you can sign the forms in your local HSE office and
    continue with a more personalized wedding, completely
    organised by yourself, according to your preference, values, belief’s ……..


    • The HSE Registrar does not offer Saturday or Sunday ceremonies,
      only Monday to Friday. 
    • “off-site” option may be  restricted by both appointment time and
      location regulations,
    • Booking with an Independent Wedding Celebrant, there are literally
      No Restrictions  for dates, times or locations.
  • You are completely FREE to decide for yourself.

For More Info: General Register Office, (01) 635 40 00
Ireland’s Health Service Executive – Official Information

or: Citizens Information – for  further information

I am based in Co Galway, and am very happy to offer this service in:
Co Clare, Co Mayo, Co Limerick, prioritising the West Coast of Ireland.

I am also however, very happy to travel further if required.

just remember, I’m here to help with your questions,
drop me a quick note  and I will get back to you asap.

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